Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes...

Hi y'all! I've been missing again for awhile and who knows...maybe I'll go missing again...haha.. I've kinda quit making excuses and just rolling with it. 

So what have I been up to? A lot! Sara's bachelorette party in Mexico (so awesome), Eric and I put offers on two houses (and got outbid...The market is INSANE right now), and I went to a work conference in Houston. Add some fun in between, some movies, some House of Cards watching (as of this weekend), and you're basically caught up... (minus all the random rants in between). ;)

But most recently...

I accepted another job! So this is my last week in my current position at a financial institution in PR/Communications and I'm off to an energy company where I'll be doing something similar. 

I'm really excited! But it's also been so bittersweet...Everyone at my current job as been so kind and supportive as I prepare to pack up and head out... They even used our floor's large whiteboard to list things about me they'll miss... *sad face*

What a really awesome ride it's been for the past four years...and with some amazing people. 

Now I'm moving to a place with new challenges, new people, new everything...and I'm so excited but also nervous! Every time I talk about it, I get a big smile on my face though. Now if that isn't a sign... :) The new company sent me a welcome packet and I did a little excited dance in my kitchen...haha... 

Anyway, this change has been weighing on me a lot over the past several months... I knew I probably wanted to make a move, but just wasn't sure what...or when...or if it even made sense...I like to have a development plan for myself in my head and, now that I'm a more experienced professional (when did that happen?!), I'd spend a lot of time thinking about what that plan was. Needless to say I did a lot of analyzing (what I do best..haha.. It drives Eric crazy sometimes). So that's where my head's been instead of on blog world...

I'm taking the entire week off next week between positions so hopefully I'll come play over here a little more. In the meantime, some pinterest inspiration... ;)

Friday, December 20, 2013


Saw this around the blog world, but not sure where it started so apologies for not giving appropriate credit. But, thought it was a good way to organize a post instead of just rambling..not like I ever do that. :)

Reading: I just finished the final book in the Divergent series. It took me forever to finish it b/c I just wasn't that into it. I was looking for something Hunger Games-ish and I guess it is...But I just liked HG so much more. But, I still read all three books, so I liked them. It just wasn't like "I can't WAIT to get home to read the book!" 
Doing: Right now, I'm excited to finish Christmas shopping and wrap everything. Somehow every year, I just hide all the gifts forever until I finally wrap them and put them under the tree right before Christmas. Anyone else do that? The tree is so pretty with all the gifts so I wish I'd get on it sooner. :)

Feeling thankful: that Winston's heart murmur isn't really bad! We just found out he had one and had his heart x-rayed this week. Little guy is gonna be totally fine on some meds and just keeping an eye on him. (Cavs often develop heart murmurs at varying degrees of severity.)

Working on: Really want to make a photo wall for our living room from the wedding/honeymoon/etc. We have so many great pics that are just waiting to be printed and framed. :) But I've been waiting b/c we're looking at houses off and on, etc...but really...It's not like the photo wall couldn't just be put on a wall in a NEW house...so I dunno why I've been waiting. I want it to look like the below image (from pinterest) where all the frames are same dimensions. 

Loving: Arby's. Yes. This is a weird one. I don't know why but sometimes I go on weird food kicks where I just want one thing all the time. Lately (and weirdly), that's been Arby's. Sure I could have gone with any one of the things I'm loving this season that are way more sentimental, but Arby's entered my brain b/c it's lunchtime. So there's that. To add something less strange, I'm loving some of the pretty ornaments we've gotten this year for our first Christmas as a married couple. Some say "first Christmas" and others are just ones I've picked out because they're pretty...like two from our honeymoon. :) Will definitely cherish for years to come.

Watching: After seeing people talk about it, I finally watched the movie The Holiday this year and LOVED it. Eric wasn't home so it felt like the perfect time to enjoy a nice holiday chick flick. Good stuff, people. Good stuff. Also really enjoying watching friends' kids on facebook and blogger during the holiday season. There's something so magical about the holidays through a kid's eyes. :) 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recapping

Happy Monday, friends! Mondays have left me in quite the funk lately...I don't really know why, but my mood drastically improves as the week wears on...and then starts over again on Mondays...haha.. *sigh* 

Anyway, this weekend was mostly good. Friday night, Eric and I hit up a Mexican restaurant and were low key. He watched some movie with lots of exploding things and violence and I went in the back bedroom and watched Scandal on the computer...haha... Totally romantic, I know. (Speaking of though...holy Scandal! I can't WAIT til February!)

Saturday night, we attended a couple's shower for Sara and Jake! 
With my husband :), with the bride to be, with friends/bridesmaids :) 
We had a great time celebrating a fabulous couple. And I got to rock my new green dress from Banana! I've never bought anything green...well...a t-shirt here or there for St. Pats, but that's it. Ever have a color you just don't buy for some reason? Anyway, Lori talked me into getting this dress and I'm so glad she did! I think I'm going to wear it again to a Christmas party this week.. I mean why not?! :)

Taking kinda a sad turn, Sunday, I was headed out to Christmas shop when my mom called and said she was on her way to the animal ER b/c her dog, Beau wasn't doing well...at all. So sad...I hightailed it to meet her. He was 16 years old and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Poor guy already had arthritis and other old age issues. When we found out he had cancer, the vet told us he wasn't in pain and to just keep him comfortable and we would know when it was time. When mom woke up yesterday and saw Beau, she knew. I'll just skip ahead and say that the people at the ER were great, calming and considerate. I plan to write them a thank you note for being so kind. My mom and I stayed with Beau until he passed so he wasn't scared. I'm happy he's free from pain, but I'm going to miss that guy...and I know my mom will deeply miss him, too. We picked him out at the pound when I was a junior in high school.. or rather.. he picked us out. My mom found some adorable puppies and was trying to show me. But, I'd already wandered over to a crate with a skinny beagle mix with the saddest eyes. They opened the door and he put his head in my lap. My mom turned and put the puppy back, realizing there was no way I was going to leave that dog...haha... 16 years later, Beau is now our furry angel playing at the rainbow bridge. (If you've never read the rainbow bridge poem, grab some tissues, but it's really sweet...highly recommend).

Don't you wish animals could live longer? *sigh*

Anyway, sorry to be sad... I didn't mean to be a Monday downer...haha... I'll change the subject...How about that?

Eric and I have kinda been looking at houses off and on, so we finished the weekend driving around last night checking out a few. :) I have decided I love house hunting. The thought of packing and moving sounds totally unappealing, but house hunting=awesome. :) We finished the night with some Mexican food (duh) b/c neither of us were feeling cooking...

And that was the weekend. I can't believe the holidays are so close! I got like three gifts wrapped this weekend which made me feel SO ahead of the curve. Never mind the rest that are still hidden in the house and/or haven't been purchased...whatever.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wedding: Getting Ready!

After the wet weather on Friday night, we all awoke to a sunny and fabulous Saturday morning! :) I headed to my maid of honor, Sara's, house to meet up with the other bridesmaids to get gorgeous! Eric went to brunch with his guys and then they all met up at the wedding venue at around 2:30. Needless to say, we started several a few hours earlier than they did. 

Per usual, I had issues picking photos, so here's a ton. :)

Eric and his best man, Matt. :) Matt actually introduced us! Not sure if any of y'all knew that!

Beth's mom brought her adorable little twins by since they live in the same neighborhood :) Babies. Weddings. Mimosas. Pink robes.. I mean, I was pretty much in girly heaven...haha! 

I'm not a shoe person (I know- I'm weird), but I was kinda obsessed with my wedding shoes. :) Thank you, Amazon, for the awesome deal on these darlings. 

So handsome :) 
These pics remind me what Eric looks like sans beard. Let's just say no shave November has extended into December at our house. ;) I dig his look either way, but just funny to see him without a beard...

There are several shots of him like this one in the mirror and I love them all... 

I had such a good time getting ready with my girls. So lucky to have a stylist who is also my good friend who came over and did all our hair at Sara's so we didn't have to go anywhere...So so sweet of Candice! 
The morning started with just the girls and then and my mom and Eric's mom joined us at noon and my mom brought us all lunch. :) We did hair in one room and then Destry did makeup in the other... 

If you ever need a stylist, I highly recommend Candice at Parlour Salon on Brookside. Just saying.
Mimosas and clip in hair extensions galore (see Beth curling some in the background...haha)
And if you ever need a makeup artist, I highly recommend Destry at Glamor Artz. :) I have seriously been thinking of reasons to go get my makeup done again...haha.. I got it done so much last year for showers, events, engagement pics, etc.. and now I want it done more more more!

I was seriously SO happy all day... like genuinely so amped up and excited! Pretty sure I had the high beam mega watt smile all day long...the same one the lady at the DMV told me to tone down b/c "you're prettier when you don't smile so big..." (thanks a lot, DMV lady.. lol!)! But, I just couldn't help it!

 Makeup done. Hair done. Ready to roll! :)
Taken with my iphone right before we headed to the venue to get dressed! 
I really wanted a photo of all the girls in our robes, but honestly...we just ran out of time. We thought about it once we got to the venue, but I was like "eh whatever.. we have plenty of photos..." :) 

Anyhoo, I couldn't have imagined a better day getting ready for my wedding with my closest friends... Sara was so sweet to let us use her home and it just made the getting ready process even more fabulous and chill. It went SO FAST! I remember thinking "wow, we're starting really early.. I wonder if that's too early." No, it was definitely not too early. It was perfect. :) 
Next up: pre-ceremony pics/first look :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!

It's 22 degrees in Tulsa. And that's warmer than it's been in days.. Eek! So glad to have a warm house to come home to and a warm car to get there. 

Things I can't get enough of in this weather... 

Got two of these after the wedding and they have already gotten so much use.. 'Cozy' cable knit throw is a perfect name for these fleece-lined gems of awesomeness. 
Via Pottery Barn
Cozy socks! Mine are grey and wool, but these are from Pinterest and cuter. Although, I can't figure out why she's standing where all her food is on the ground. Whatever. The socks are cute.
Via Pinterest
My favorite sweatpants from Aerie. :) They didn't actually have the ones I have b/c mine don't have gathered ankles, but I'm sure the ones I linked are equally as cozy...and totally sexy, like all sweatpants... duh.
Via Aerie
Hot baths. My skin is SO dry in the winter and I make it worse by bathing nonstop to warm up... but I just love it. I light candles, sometimes pour wine, often take a magazine.. *ahhhhhhhh* :) Or on less glamorous days, I just whine about being cold until I go take a bath and just sit in the warm water for like 10 minutes until my mood changes...haha...
Via Pinterest
My favorite way to deal with cold weather is to jet off to the islands, but that's not quite as accessible as my wool socks. So there's that. What about you? How to you stay toasty during this kind of weather? 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Thank you so much for the kind words about the new layout! I'm really excited! I have a wedding post ready, but thought I'd go ahead and post some randomness first...

* You know those photo a day challenges on Instagram? Right. I tried to participate...and am a photo a day failure. And it wasn't b/c I forgot to post..oh no.. I did something way more embarrassing. Day three was silver.. So I took a photo of my favorite silver candle lit beside the bath before I was about to get in and relax. :) Well, I posted it...and then THANK GOSH within about 5 seconds, I was like "Wait...that's mirrored glass on that candle...and I was in my underwear (topless, though)..." I looked...and yup. Totally featured a blurry reflection of my scantily clad self...Way.to.go. I dunno if people could immediately tell, but I certainly could. Photo removed quickly and I decided "silver" was just not my day...haha.. Maybe I'll pick it up again in the next few days. 

* SNOW IS COMING! SNOW IS COMING! I say it with overdramatic urgency b/c I'm pretty sure we're expecting 4 inches...and I'm also pretty sure every grocery store in the area is now completely out of bread, milk, etc. and is likely in chaos. Hide yo bread, hide yo milk... SNOWMAGEDDON... Nah, in all seriousness, I hope we don't lose power and it doesn't get too bad. I just enjoy the grocery store chaos. Areas of town have power lines above ground (while the rest of town has them buried). We're in the older area of town so our lines are above ground... and when it sleets as much as they're predicting, it coats the lines. Here's hoping everyone in the area stays warm and safe as this winter weather approaches... 

* I've sent approximately 70% of my wedding thank you cards... I am such a slacker. I wanted to order cards with our wedding photos, so that took a bit. And then when they arrived, I didn't exactly jump on them. *head hung in shame* So now Christmas cards are going out pretty much with thank you cards. It is what it is... Also... I LOVE thanking people and am SO grateful, but I am so bad with thank you cards in general. Just me? I hate my writing, so I often go through like 3 drafts for a single card...Totally OCD. Whatever. 

* Every year, a blogger I read, MODG, does something for the holidays that I just think is wonderful. Operation WANA (We are not assholes) is for bloggers and readers to comment about whether they're in need this season or if they can help someone this season.. The people who can help comment on the folks in need and a connection is made. It will bring tears to your eyes to read through the need that some of our fellow bloggers have due to everything from health issues, unexpected layoffs, or just plain having a rough year. I didn't grow up with a lot at all, but we always had food on the table and gifts under the tree...and many of the comments are often in a situation where they have neither. And yet those in need are still offering help to others...often as a trade.. like "I have baby clothes if someone has x, y, z..." It's beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. Head over and check it out...whether you're in need this season or you could offer help to someone who is... 

* I like the new One Direction song. A lot. Judge me. It's cool. And I'm also kinda amped up about the live Sound of Music on NBC tonight with Carrie Underwood...So there's that. It's LIVE, people!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Le blog gets a facelift :)

Hiya friends!

So I've been saying that Erin from Erin Elizabeth Designs and Two Thirds Hazel was busy designing an awesome new layout for the bloggidy and I'm so excited to roll it out officially!! If you're looking for a fabulous refresh of your blog, I highly recommend Erin.. She's so sweet, talented and captured exactly what I wanted - better than what I wanted - just through a couple emails back and forth! :)

My last blog layout was fine, but it was kinda a hodge podge of what I'd learned how to do on my own sans photoshop (not very much). And it just didn't "fit" anymore. I mean... I'm 32...sooooo even the Roaring Twenties just wasn't working for me anymore. It served me well for many years and I obviously didn't think about having the blog past the age of 30. Pretttttty sure I started it when I thought thirty was still super old. *cringe* Let's not talk about that...

So why name it another age-centric thing? Well...the thirty club is what tons of people said when I turned 30, so that's awesome... But, it's also allegedly a secret society for big media, advertising and PR types... :) As a PR chick, I thought the double meaning was kinda cool. So there it is. :) I don't really do  advertising, but just go with it...

I'd quit blogging as much for many reasons, the primary of which was that I was just busy. But I was also unmotivated...and my old layout didn't really help. It's like gym clothes.. I want to work out more when I have new clothes or shoes! (Totally unhealthy; I realize). And also...I love blogging, but I found that I'd started going through the motions... I dunno what it was, but I just felt kinda blah about it.

But, taking a break was good...and I have felt my interest perking back up in the blog world...I've made some great friends here! :) So, here's to a new layout, a new name, and a refreshed blog! I think the cobwebs just needed to be dusted off a little bit!

Without further adieu, I welcome you to The Thirty Club. :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

My Wish List

I hope you had a blissful Thanksgiving! I'll post about mine later, but it was good. :) I'm one of the 4 people at the office today (used a lot of vacay on the honeymoon), so thought I'd blog over lunch a little...Btw SUPER close to a new layout from the fabulous Erin at Two Thirds Hazel. Can't wait to get it up and live on the blog! I love it so much!

Anyhoo...As people started asking me what I want for Christmas, I realized I probably should pick out a few things.. My head has been so focused on the wedding for the past year that Christmas kinda snuck up. And well.. I don't NEED anything, so there's that. Along those lines, I started my amazon wish list and appropriately called it First World Problems. It's more of a list of stuff I might buy at some point and not just a Christmas list, but whatever. Anyway, while I don't neeeeed anything, here are some things on the good old list...
* Who needs $150 rain boots? But... I mean...you can insert the little fleece/weather liner and make them snow proof, too (Oklahoma snow proof....not say Minnesota snow proof), so they're DOUBLE DUTY! Er...right? The lawyer in me can rationalize almost anything...Whatever.. I love them and have loved them for years but just won't buy them.
Buxom at Sephora
* If you've been reading for awhile, you know the love I have for holiday beauty sets...especially lip sets. And I also love buxom. Every year, I really do stalk sephora online for their gift sets...It's a problem. 
* I wanted to get these for all my bridesmaids, but had already purchased two other things and it just didn't make sense. But, hello perfect airplane carry-on, classy tote, etc. I know they've been popular for (many) years now and I just didn't get on the Longchamp train, but I have to admit...I crave the versatility of these suckers. 

* I really didn't think I wanted a kindle since Eric has one I can borrow, but on our honeymoon, I realized WHY I wanted one... He was reading his and I only brought one book to save space. When I finished my book, I had to find a bookstore to get another...which again...is why my list is called First World Problems. 

* First, it's called Cocomango. That's just cool. Second, I want this b/c it was the shower gel and lotion from our Kauai hotel spa. I LOVED it so much and thought "I need to go buy some.." But then I didn't. Thinking I could get some at the Oahu Hyatt, I didn't worry about it. WRONG. It's literally only available at the Kauai spa. I started reading forums and realized that I wasn't the only one who cracked out over this stuff. And now that I'm back on the mainland, shipping costs pretty much double the price of this stuff. Grr...why didn't I just buy it?! And yes... I want to smell like a tropical paradise in the middle of winter in Tulsa. Whatever. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being thankful...

I think giving thanks is something that should happen every day, but on this Thanksgiving, it makes me even more thankful and reflective for the MANY things for which I'm grateful. Thought I'd post just a few things I'm thankful for this year... 

* For my new amazing husband (still love saying that!), Eric, and for the journey we've been on together and the journey yet to come.

* For being a Tulsan/Oklahoman. I love it here. Does that mean Eric and I will never move? Not at all. But, there have been several instances lately when I've been reminded just how much I love the people here. I make friends with people in line at the supermarket, I witness someone stopping to help change a flat tire for a stranger, we get to know our neighbors...It's just good to be a Tulsan and I'm thankful I will carry that with me wherever I go. :)

* For our fur kids, Gracie and Winston. We're coming up on a year of having little Winston in our lives and it feels like he's been there forever. :) And Gracie dog...She's been greeting me at the door for over 6 years every day and I'm so thankful for that 20 pound bundle of love. 

* For my friends that have become my family in so many ways. A few times this year, I was reminded that not everyone is blessed with such amazing friends. I'm surrounded by very good people and I am so grateful.

* For my job and my team/friends at work. No matter where you work, there are challenging (to put it nicely) days and I 'm thankful to have a good job, but also to work with some great people to make the victories sweeter and the frustrations bearable.
* For my family...and my NEW family! :) When I think of my (deceased) father, it's always with fondness and memories...rarely with tears. I'm thankful to have had him in my life for the time I did and I really try not to think too much about what it would be like to have him here now because it makes me sad. But, as the wedding approached, it really was a little emotionally overwhelming a few times to think about him not being there. It actually took me by surprise a few moments at how overcome I got about it. As frustrated as I get at my mother sometimes (and I'm sure the feeling is mutual...haha), I'm so fortunate to have her in my life and to have had her walk me down the aisle. And I'm so grateful for my NEW family in Eric's family. :) They've been family to me for years, but it feels really great that it's official. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving tomorrow, friends! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

How is it already Sunday night?! I got really good at honeymooning/vacationing. I kinda wish someone would just pay me to do that...I'm not super into paid blog reviews of things, but if you're reading and you need someone to review your villa in the Mediterranean, you just let me know...

This weekend was productive with a capital p. We'd managed to clean our house post-wedding, but really just enough to exist in it...So, this weekend, we organized, we cleaned, we laundered, we ran errands.. We basically got back to normal. :) While it's sad to have our honeymoon clothes all cleaned and folded away until next summertime, it's also nice to have a clean house again... 

Friday night, we ate comfort food like fat kids at Caz's downtown- chicken and biscuit anyone? It was yum. Then, we went and saw Captain Phillips. Good stuff, people. Tom Hanks was pretty awesome in it. Do you know he didn't even meet the pirate actor until the scene on the boat? Wanted him to actually be a bit afraid.. I think it worked. 

Saturday night, we went to dinner again (seeing a pattern?) and then came home and watched Man of Steele. Again...good stuff. 

Today, we did our normal Sunday schtuff- grocery store, a bike ride (for Eric), cleaning, etc. But, since the day was so beautiful and winter weather is allegedly headed our way, we headed to the park with the pooches! :)

Kinda addicted to my new self timer app on my iphone. I used TimerCam, but a friend told me about Gorillacam and now I want that one b/c it can take multiple photos! Anyhoo... we looked pretty silly smiling at a rock (where I'd propped my iphone) but got a cute photo! 

You know what else I did this evening? FINALLY got our wedding photos uploaded to Facebook! Lawd that took a long time. I selected the ones I wanted...which was hard b/c I liked them all...and then went through and tagged everyone once they were uploaded. Two hours later...haha... First world problems. Anyway, love that they're online. I'll share more over here asap!

Hope you had a great weekend, friends. Not so ready for Monday, but am working on it...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner

It was 50 degrees outside. Everyone was in winter coats. It was pouring. Needless to say, rehearsing outside was out of the question. And we were starting to figure out a game plan for the next day. After all...even if it cleared up, the ground would likely be soaked. Honestly, I wasn't really freaking at all. The forecast looked great for Saturday. And we picked our venue b/c things could be indoors or out, so whatever. In Oklahoma, you really have to have a plan B if you're having an outdoor event pretty much year round.  And if Mother Nature was going to misbehave, I'd rather it happen on Friday night...

So, we rehearsed inside...

Then, we all donned our coats and umbrellas again and headed to the Atlas building in downtown Tulsa for the rehearsal dinner... 

Eric's parents planned such a fabulous event- check out the awesome floor decal when we walked in! 
Convenient that I have a white winter coat? Me thinks so...haha!

Everything was personalized and was just too cute... You see... the dinner was planned for another local restaurant, but after some less-than-desirable communications with them this summer, Eric's mom decided to move it. And I am so glad she did b/c it couldn't have been more special at the Atlas.

One of Eric's favorite breakfast/lunch places is in the bottom floor of the Atlas building, called Atlas Grill (go figure). Anyway, while they mostly do sandwich food at lunch, they actually have a trained chef who can work up some pretty cool stuff. Plus, Eric knows the Atlas crew personally, so it meant a lot. They were so excited when Eric's mom moved the dinner there! It was cute. The building is historically and architecturally amazing, especially the atrium area. So, that's where we had the dinner- they brought in nice tables, linens, chairs, etc...So pretty. :)

From the intimate feel, the restaurant Eric loves, historical Tulsa, the personal touches, it was just very "us" and it was perfect. :) 

We decided to do the toasts at the dinner instead of the wedding. I'm one of those people that gets irritated when everyone isn't paying attention to the person speaking, etc. At weddings, everyone is drinking (typically) and often not paying a ton of attention to the person toasting. Plus, you can tell the better stories in front of closer friends and family...haha.. Needless to say there were laughs and tears. We're really fortunate to have some amazing people in our lives and I'm thankful so many were there to celebrate with us.

Pretty sure a group of friends decided to go line dancing after the dinner...and the restaurant had to start taking down tables for us to leave. Needless to say, it was a great time... It meant so much that Eric's parents did so much for for rehearsal dinner. It really kinda set the great mood for the weekend and the festiveness of it quickly made everyone forget about the cuh-razy weather we were having outside. 

 Next wedding post: Getting ready! :)

Also... Check out my new tabs! I'm working on cleaning a few things up around here and getting organized to prepare for my new layout. :) I finally wrote an About Me section...haha.. It only sat blank for like 2 years. Whatever. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hello there, friends! This post is coming to you live from the new Mrs. G. I will do a more thorough post with details and photos (obviously-I mean...you know me with the photos), but wanted to just stop by and say hi in the meantime! Our amazing photographer, Ace Cuervo, already sent me the pics from our day online and I love them all! Seriously...not even being overdramatic. Pretty sure I'm having major issues choosing favorites for a potential book/album. I'm getting the CD from him later this week and will post more as soon as I can. I realize you're not exactly losing sleep about this, but I want to write it all down for myself, too, ya know. :)

Long story short, it was the perfect day. I am sure everyone says that, but really... I couldn't have asked for a better wedding day even in my dreams. You can stop gagging now. The night before, everyone was in winter coats and the rain was coming down so hard, we couldn't rehearse outside. Saturday morning, the clouds cleared, the sun came out and the day was just beautiful. By Monday, the bad weather had returned. It really seemed to just clear off for our weekend and that's just pretty symbolic about how everything else went, too. I wasn't nervous at all. I was probably more nervous to walk down the aisle in front of everyone...haha... Everyone kept talking about how Eric and I were both just all smiles all day long.

Anyway, I find myself fighting the urge to go off with stories and recounts of the day, so I'll stop with that now, but I'm just really happy, friends. :)

We were in Kauai and then Oahu for a total of two weeks and I'm pretty sure we (per usual) looked at jobs and property there...haha.. I have a few (1300+) photos from the honeymoon so I'll post some of those soon, too. :) Just like the wedding, I couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon. And, every vacation we've been on, the hotel staff calls me "Mrs. G" and I'd have to correct them...until I exasperatedly lost interest in doing it. This time, someone called me Mrs. G and I beamed from ear to ear. Pretty awesome, friends. It's less about being a Mrs..and more about being ERIC'S Mrs that just makes me so happy. :)

In fun news, I've contacted someone to help me revamp this little corner of the interwebs. I am excited to blog again. I think I just lost interest for several reasons. I was busy with wedding planning, work was insane, the name doesn't even really fit the blog anymore (the roaring twenties...I'm 32 now...haha), been wanting to revamp it for awhile...so I think it just kinda needs a fresh coat of paint around here. She's got a wait list, so it'll be a few weeks, but excited for some changes. Also, I know I've said this before, but know that I always read comments even if I can't respond to them quickly. Without gmail access during the day- even on my phone (due to service issues in the building, I have to stay on the company network all day, thus blocking things even on my phone)- I often get home and just don't want to be on a computer so I can be crappy about responding in emails sometimes.

This morning, I donned my favorite sweater and jacket and sighed...It's 45 degrees outside. I have a feeling we're not in Kansas Hawaii anymore, Toto.